About Gorski Design

All my pieces are created from reclaimed unwanted wood left on the side of the road or thrown in skips around Dublin city: furniture, floorboards, pallets, timber off-cuts, building sites left overs…

The shape, the wood grain along with dents, stains, and marks ignite the inspiration for the next piece; the wood tells me, I listen and express my art.

Many hours are spent in replenishing the wood to bring out its raw beauty and make every project very unique; no two pieces are the same and every piece is born from a freehand sketch right on the wood.

In my Dublin based workshop I create bespoke projects with a hint of my style as well as my own pieces of furniture… wine-racks, tables, shelf-units, lighting fixtures, jewellery boxes, garden planters and many other items.

During my career as a handy-man I had to deal with many practical and technical issues which helped me in expanding my understanding and knowledge in working with several materials; this grew in me the passion in creating my unique pieces, many of which are a combination of multiple materials and techniques learned.

- Karol Gorski